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Dr. Lombardi is a pediatric dentist, an advocate for women in healthcare, and a co-author of the new book The Chronicles of Women in White Coats. Dr. Lombardi’s journey to dentistry, authorship, and women’s empowerment started long ago, when she developed positive memories during her own pediatric appointments. The impact that a friendly, upbeat doctor can have on a child’s life is far-reaching. Since this initial spark was ignited, Dr. Lombardi’s passions and career path have led her many places and have recently taken a more definitive shape.   

Sometimes life takes you places you didn’t think you would go, and that’s what happened when Dr. Lombardi decided to make the switch from medical school to dental school. After realizing that dentistry would give her more opportunities to develop personal relationships with patients throughout their lives, she knew pediatric dentistry was the right fit.

When she began practicing, her passions branched out as she noticed how nuanced the world of dentistry can be, especially for women. Dr. Lombardi saw that there is so much more to the dental profession than just what happens in the operatory chair. With The Chronicles of Women in White Coats along with speaking engagements and the beginnings of another book, Dr. Lombardi would like to motivate and inspire the next generation of female professionals to feel confident in their careers and choices.

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Dr. Lombardi’s Background

Accomplishments & Affiliations

  • DDS from NYU College of Dentistry
  • Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry from NYU College of Dentistry, Bellevue Hospital
  • American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
  • Diplomate of The American Board of Pediatric Dentistry
  • CPR and PALS certification from The American Heart Association

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